Dr. Martin Mikoláš, a REMOTE team member, participated in the creation of a scientific document describing the high ecological value of the Boia Mica Valley in the Romanian Fagaras Mountains.

This magnificent mountain range is home to some of the largest areas of unmanaged primary mountain forests in Europe; unfortunately, with the exception of a few hundred hectares of forests located in the northeastern part of the mountains, approximately 7,000 hectares of these primary forests have no protection status. Although this area is a part of Natura 2000 – no national protection status is currently issued for the network of protected areas. The document entitled ‘Save Paradise Forests - The Impressions of Boia Mica Wilderness (Romania) and the Proposal for the Designation as Protected Area’ was published in January 2018 in cooperation with the German Foundation for European Natural Heritage EuroNatur. The main author of this report is a well-known geo-botanist and landscape ecologist Prof. Hans Dieter Knapp who, amongst other activities, contributed to the declaration on UNESCO's forests in Europe. He is also actively involved in the fight against illegal logging in Romanian National Parks; i.e., Romania and the illegal mining of the last European forests’ – for further detail, please read here).

Additional information can be accessed here or directly on Save Paradise Forests.eu.