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  • By 2070, up to 10% of woody biomass could disappear in connection with climate change

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  • Scientific exchange and visit at the University of Vermont

    In May 2018, three members of the Department of Forest Ecology from the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague – Martin Mikoláš, Jakub Málek, and Petr Kjučukov – visited the states of Vermont and New York in the United States. They were hosted…

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  • IV. annual dendrochronological conference

    Department of Forest Ecology Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences Czech University of Life Sciences Prague is organizing Dendroforum 2018: IV. annual dendrochronological conference. The conference is in the form of an informal meeting. Accepted papers will be presented orally. In case of interest,…

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  • Primary forest in Great Fatra, Slovakia.

    Where are Europe’s last primary forests?

    Agriculture and forestry have transformed much of Europe – but truly wild places still exist! Researchers from the Geography Department of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin led the creation of the first map of Europe’s last wild forests, including more than 1.4 million hectares in 32 European…

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  • Measuring of DBH (diameter in breast height).

    New research plots in primary forests of Slovakia

    During one week in June 2018 we established seven new research plots for a biodiversity survey in a beech dominated primary forest reserve Kundracka (Great Fatra Mountains). Again, it was physically demanding,  but a fulfilling experience. Here are a few pictures with a description from our…

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  • Ilustrative photo.

    Changing climate affects forests around the world and influences their management

    A study recently published in Nature Climate Change by an international team of experts, including members of our department, concluded that ongoing climate change would substantially increase the frequency of large-scale disturbances. Over 1,600 scientific publications were analysed as part of…

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General information

  • Borneo Island. Photo: Gita Matlášková

    Palm Oil Watch International: Would you like palm oil?

    The REMOTE project is a partner with Palm Oil Watch International. It is an independent platform bringing together organizations and individuals to reduce global palm oil consumption. Palm oil can be found in approximately half of packaged food and cosmetic products, it is also added to biofuels…

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  • FERN report: EU forests in danger

    Last week the NGO Fern published an important report relating the danger EU forests are facing. It tells the stories from eleven EU countries and REMOTE Primary Forests contributed to the project by describing the situation with Slovakian forests. "Trees cover 182 million hectares of the EU.…

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  • Disappearing World of the Capercaillie

    Over the last decade, a dramatic decline of the Western Capercaillie population in Slovakia has been recorded. Year after year... This magnificent wood grouse has become extinct in many localities and is now near the point of national extinction. Yet this alarming situation points at another even…

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